Andy Perrott-Johnson

SURPIES!® – A little History

Like all good ideas, it started in the pub, a discussion between friends about the state of the English pork pie and how mass production has eroded its quality and prominence. As the conversation continued it was clear everyone had memories of their own, pies made with chunks of pork, glistening in its jelly coat, seasoned with pepper for that touch of heat, and surrounded by golden pastry. By the time they called time, an order had been placed for a pie mould. This was April’s Fools day 2018.

The first pies were a little hit and miss but with a very helpful group of test pi(e)lots, the perfect Surpies pies were created. The word spread and the rising demand meant that, what started as a hobby, began to require more time and energy. After a 26 year career of working in television, Andy decided to hang up the headphones and put on an apron.

Surpies are hand raised pies made in Heckington, Lincolnshire. Supplying quality pies to the village, the green grocer and farther afield. Now proudly purveyor to Batemans Brewery Visitors Centre.